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Discover Cinque Terre land located in Riviera Ligure of Levante. Route starts in Sestri Levante and covers a part of the SS Aurelia until almost to the top of Passo Bracco, then continues along the winding and beautiful roads towards the coast. A succession of short and scenic climbs take, after a long downhill, to the beach in the village of Bonassola, starting point of the hardest climb of the route, S. George climb.
After the first part of this tough climb, continue on slopes easier to reach the highest point of the crossing point around 620m of Guaitarola Pass.
Here is an easy stretch and a fast descent to Deiva Marina, where starts the last flat part along the way of galleries to Moneglia.
Filmed in autumn 2013, length 62 km with an altitude difference of 1500m.
Movie length 1h58 ', space 7.3 Gb

Difficulty level: MEDIUM ***
Weather Conditions: EXCELLENT *****

The race:
Sestri Levante - Bracco/Bivio Levanto - Reggimonti - Bonassola - San Giorgio - Valico Guaitarola - Deiva Marina - Moneglia
Bracco/Bivio Levanto km. 12 avg. slope 4,5%
San Giorgio Km. 5,8 avg. slope 7,2%
Valico Guitarola Km. 3 avg. slope 7%
This Rlvideo is shipped on a Dual Layer Dvd
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