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This new Real Life Video takes place on the short route of the "Granfondo 9 Colli", one of the most popular Italian amateur cycling Marathon.
The start and the finish are located in the town of Cesenatico, on the Adriatic Sea, famous for being the birthplace of Marco Pantani, unforgotten cycling champion.
The first part of the trail is totally flat, ideal warm up before facing the four classic climbs of the track.
In sequence, you will face the climbs of Polenta, Pieve di Rivoschio, Ciola and the famous Barbotto.
This central part of the course offers a challenging and exciting alternating between up and down, immersed in the beautiful view of the hills of Emilia Romagna.
The road is completely devoid of traffic, the total commitment will be to overcome the difficulties of the ride, but the effort will be rewarded by the beauty of nature.
The final part is to match the speed, a long false flat downhill is the prelude to return to the sea and to Cesenatico.
The last few kilometers are completely flat, before the finish line placed on the main avenue of the city.
Filmed in June 2012, is 132 km long, with an altitude difference of 1.900m. Movie length 3h30', 12.8 Gb space.

Difficulty level: MEDIUM ***
Weather Conditions: EXCELLENT *****

The race:
Cesenatico (3m) - Cesena (35m) - Bertinoro (160m) - Polenta (290m) - Meldola (59m) - Pieve di Rivoschio (390m) - Linaro (160m) - Ciola (550m) - Mercato Saraceno (135m) - Barbotto (511m) - Sogliano al Rubicone (360m) - Cesenatico (3m)
The climbs:
Polenta km.8 avg. slope 3,5%
Pieve di Rivoschio km.4,5 avg. slope 6,2%
Ciola km.6 avg. slope 6,4%
Barbotto km 4,6 avg. slope 8,3%
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