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25) MARCHE TOUR 2012

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Discover the Marche, a beautiful region in central Italy, between the hills of the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea.
This new Real Life Video takes place on scenic and spectacular roads.
The main difficulty of this route is the ascent of Monte Nerone, a climb that takes place along a very scenic road, absolutely the most beautiful ascent of Central Italy, 13 km of true commitment, rewarded with an exceptional view.
Passing through woods and meadows, ride on a narrow road with many bends, in a unique atmosphere.
After the top, a fast downhill and the following flat road will lead you to Piobbico village.
In the second part, alternating short climbs at times of recovery, before the grand final set in the Renaissance city of Urbino.
Filmed in June 2012, is 70 km long with an altitude difference of 1.600m.
Movie length 2h30 ', space 8.3 Gb

Difficulty level: MEDIUM ***
Weather Conditions: EXCELLENT *****

The race:
Massa (510m) - Pianello (395m) - La Montagnola (1.390m) - Serravalle di Carda (770m) - Piobbico (350m) - Urbino (480m)
Download Gps route from here
The climbs:
La Montagnola (Monte Nerone) km. 13,5 avg. slope 7,2%
GPM 2 Km. 1,6 avg. slope 7%
GPM 3 Km. 6 avg. slope 4,9%
This Rlvideo is shipped on a Dual Layer Dvd
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