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A new Real Life Video, a spectacular and challenging route in the scenery of the Swiss Alps.
The start is easy and after a few kilometers of heating, you start to climb towards the Albulapass. After the top of this beautiful mountain, a long descent allows the recovery, before tackling the next section, with the uphill of Wiesen.
The view is magnificent, cross typical mountain villages before arriving at the city of Davos, at the foot of the next climb.
The Flüelapass to nearly 2.400 m of altitude takes place on a
wide road with beautiful views of the snow-capped peaks, majestic incredible show.
Following the rapid descent towards Suchs, and after a few flat kilometers you get to Zernez, starting point of the next climb, the Ofen Pass, whose summit is over 2,000m.
Then the a fast descent take you to the ValMunstair where in Santa Maria starts the last climb, the Umbrailpass to 2.500m of altitude.
A spectacular ascent, with frequent changes of scenery, a climb with a sublime panorama.
But there's more, after a short downhill section enter Italy for the last 3km climb of the Stelvio Pass, the most famous and high alpine pass, the point of arrival stage of the Tour of Italy 2012.
Filmed at the end of June in a beautiful day, it
measures 151km with an altitude difference of 4.500m.
Movie length 4h53'm, 17GB space.

Difficulty level: HARD *****
Weather Conditions:EXCELLENT *****

The race:
Bever (1.700m) - La Punt (1.690m) - AlbulaPass (2.312m) - Filisur (950m) - Wiesen (1.450m) - Davos (1.560m) - FluelaPass (2.383m) - Zernez (1.465m) - OfenPass (2.149m) - Santa Maria Munstair (1.390m) - UmbrailPass (2.500m) - Passo dello Stelvio (2.758m)
Download Gps route from here
The climbs:
AlbulaPass km. 9,6 avg. slope 6,6%
FluelaPass km. 13,1 avg. slope 6,4%
OfenPass km. 21,5 avg. slope 3,1
UmbrailPass km. 13,1 avg. slope 8,5%
Passo dello Stelvio km. 3 avg. slope 8,7%
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