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Ride on the roads of the legend of the Tour of Italy. Discover some of the finest and most famous climbs of the Dolomites.
The route begins in Valsugana near Trento, and immediately starts with the famous Manghen Pass climb, often rided during the Pink Race. A spectacular climb, long, immersed in an exclusive atmosphere, with the last 7km challenging and sublime.
Following the fast descent to the Fiemme Valley until Cavalese where starts the climb to Lavazè Pass, a climb of medium length.
After the fast descent we enter the province of Bolzano and will climb Costalunga Pass with majestic views of the Dolomite peaks.
After the descent we enter the Fassa Valley and climb San Pellegrino Pass, then descends to the Agordina valley and then to Alleghe on the shores of its small lake.
A small flat section is a prelude to the most famous climb in the Dolomites, Passo Fedaia, also known as the Marmolada.
The last 6km of this spectacular ascent place in an ambience of rare beauty and great difficulty. The effort is big, but is the prize for one of the most spectacular peaks of the Giro d'Italia.
Following the fast descent to Canazei and the long stretch on a slight slope which ends at the foot of the last climb, the Alp of Pampego, location of the finish of the 19th stage of the Tour of Italy 2012 and the new km, never overcomed, to Pampego Pass, immersed in a wonderful scenery.
This ride ends with a short descent into the small ski resort of Oberggen, and measures 220km with a total climb of about 6.700m.
Filmed at June 2012, lenght of the video 7h3' (24,4Gb)

Difficulty level: HARD *****
Weather Conditions:EXCELLENT****

The race:
Borgo Valsugana (380m) - Manghen Pass (2.047m) - Cavalese (1.000m) - Lavazé Pass (1.805m) - Nova Levante (1.182m) - Carezza Lake (1.520m) - Costalunga Pass (1.753m) - Vigo di Fassa (1.382m) - Soraga Lake (1.205m) - Moena (1.216m) - San Pellegrino Pass (1.850m) - Falcade (1.137m) - Alleghe (979m) - Malga Ciapela (1.142m) - Fedaia Pass (2.057m) - Canazei (1.465m) - Moena (1.216m) - Tesero (1.000m) - Pampeago (1.757m) - Pampeago Pass (1.983m) - Obereggen (1.550m)
Download Gps route from here
The climbs:
Manghen Pass (alt. 2.047m) km 23 avg. slope 7%
Lavazè Pass (alt.1.808m) km.10,7 avg. slope 7,5%
Costalunga Pass (alt.1.743m) km.14 avg. slope 6,6%
SanPellegrino Pass (alt.1.918m) km.10,5 avg. slope 6,7%
Fedaia Pass (alt. 2.057m) km.14,8 avg. slope 7%
Pampeago Pass (alt. 2.006m) km.10,5 avg. slope 9,5%
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