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22) ENGADINA 2012

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Discover one of the most beautiful areas of the Alps, the Upper Engadine, in the heart of the Swiss Alps.
This session takes place on roads perfect for cycling, with wonderful views.
In the first few km you will have to overcome the most challenging and spectacular part of PassoMaloja, with its many close turns, 15 in the last 3km. Once you reach the top you can ride along the shores of the beautiful Sils Lake to Silvaplana where starts the climb of the Julier Pass, climb of extreme beauty.
At the top of this Pass you will return along the same road to Silvaplana to reach Saint-Moritz where you will overcome the easy but long climb of Bernina Pass. Grand views will open before your eyes, the spectacle of nature is great. Glaciers, snow on the roadside, the view of the Bernina Express Train, indicate that the peak is near.
A fast descent and ascent of the last 6km of the southern slopes are perfect epilogue of this spectacular course which measures 70 km and has a total height difference of 2000m.
Filmed at the end of April 2012.

Difficulty level: MEDIUM/HARD ***
Meteo condition: EXCELLENT****

The ride:
Casaccia (1.430m) - Malojapass (1.815m) - Silvaplana (1.815m) - JulierPass (2.284m) - Silvaplana (1.815m) - Saint-Moritz (1.800m) - BerninaPass (2.330m) - La Rosa (1.830m) - BerninaPass (2.330m)
Download Gps route from here
The climbs:
Malojapass 5,0 km average slope 7%
JulierPass 7,0 km average slope 6,7%
BerninaPass North 18,5 km average slope 3,1%
BerninaPass South 6,0 km average slope 8,5%
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