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20) GIRO STAGE 2012 (15th stage)

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Run the streets of one of the most exciting and difficult stages of the Tour of Italy 2012.
Discover Lombardy Valleys, an exciting and demanding route to conquer!!
The first part of the route is flat, an ideal warm-up before facing the long ascent of valico Valcava, with the last 10km to 8% on average. After the top of this panoramic and hard ascent, a long descent through Imagna Valley takes to Berbenno ascent. You ride through the Valleys of Bergamo, on roads completely free of traffic, until the Valtaleggio ascent, and then. after regaining your strenght, the San Pietro ascent (already ridden from the opposite side in Tour of Italy 2010).
After this ascent, a nice descent with beautiful views to the peaks over 2.000 mt, and then a hilly track to Ballabio where starts the last ascent to Piani of Resinelli, where is set the finish.
On top, beautiful landscapes make you forget all the effort made ​​to reach the goal.
The ride is 104km long and has a gradient of 3.300mt.
Filmed in late March, this ride is the ideal continuation of the rlvideo "Brianza Tour 2012".

Difficulty level: MIDDLE/HARD ****
Meteo condition: EXCELLENT****

The Race:
Pescate (200m) - Calolziocorte (210m) - Valico Valcava (1340m) - S.Omobono (400m) - Berbenno (700m) - Brembilla (410m) - Forcella of Bura (880m) - Valtaleggio (660m) - Culmine S.Pietro (1.250m) - Ballabio (670m) - Piani of Resinelli (1.270m)
Download Gps route from here
The Climbs:
Valico Valcava 15 km average slope 7,5%
Berbenno 8 km average slope 4%
Forcella of Bura 10,5 km average slope 4,3%
Culmine San Pietro 10,5 km average slope 6%
Colle S.Lucia (alt. 1.500m) 3,0 km average slope 6,0%
Piani of Resinelli 8 km average slope 7,5%
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