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A new ride through Emilian Appeninno roads, the mountains between Tirreno and Adriatico Seas.
The ride starts from Sestri Levante (Liguria) and after a short plain track, you will ride a sweet climb to Verese Ligure where starts the first climb to Passo Cento Croci.
It's a regular climb, never over 7-8% slope, landscapes are nices and panoramics.
After descending to Borgo Val di Taro, you will start the second climb of the race, Passo del Brattello.
Also this climb is easy and regular with nice landscape of the Emilian Appennino Hills.
After the descent to Pontremoli, you will ride the last climb of the race, Passo della Cisa, the most known climb of the Emilian Appennino.
It starts hard but in the second part is more easy and regular, a good training for power and resistance.
The race ends after discending to Berceto (Parma), and is 110km with 2300m of altitude gain.

The race:
Sestri Levante (10m) – Varese Ligure (370m) – Passo Cento Croci (1055m) – Borgo Val di Taro (430m) – Passo del Brattello (955m) –Bivio Pontremoli (290m) – Passo della Cisa (1040m) – Poggio Ferrari (840m)

Passo Cento Croci (alt. 1055m) km.13 avg. slope 5,2%
Passo del Brattello (alt. 953m) km.11 avg. slope 4,8%
Passo della Cisa (alt. 1060m) km.17 avg. slope 4,4%


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