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A new Real Life Video on the roads of Liguria, an exciting race along the hills between Finale Ligure and Savona, near the Ligury Sea. The race starts from Pietra Ligure and after a short flat part, you will find some short climbs, passing through amazing and beautiful landascapes without traffic. This race presents a perfect mix for your indoor training, with easy or medium level climbs, flat roads and fast descents. You will pass small villages and the first part of the race is a continuos change of slope, up and down, only in the second part you will find long, flat and fast roads. A perfect video for speed tarining. In particular the last 10 km along the coast of the sea to Savona. The race is 84 km with an average slope of 1.875m.
The race:
Pietra Ligure (10m) – Verezzi (190m) – Fine salita (267m) – Gorra (200m) – Bivio Bardino (300m) – Magliolo (263m) – Bivio Melogno (500m) – Calice Ligure (73m) – Carbuta (378m) – Feglino (140m) – Bivio Orco (331m) – Finale Ligure (10m) – Altopiano delle Manie (315m) – Noli (5m) – Magnone (320m) – Spotorno (5m) – Bergeggi (45m) – Vado Ligure (10m) – Savona (10m)

Salita Verezzi (alt.267m) km.4,4 average slope 6%
Bivio Bardino (alt.303m) km. 2,3 average slope 4,8%
Magliolo/Bivio Melogno (alt.503m) km. 6 average slope 5%
Carbuta (alt.378m) km. 5,4 average slope 6,5%
Bivio Orco (alt.331m) km. 3,5 average slope 5,7%
Le Manie (alt.290m) km. 4,5 average slope 6,5%
Magnone (alt.290m) km. 8 average slope 3,6%

Slide sav1
Slide sav1