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14) ALPI TOUR 2009
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The legendary climbs of the Tour de France and of the Giro d’Italia, the mountains that made the history of the cyclism: Maddalena, Vars, Izoard, Montgenevre, Sestriere.
This Real Life Video starts from the Stura Valley (950m altitude) along the climb of Colle della Maddalena through a long easy and panoramic road.
The following descent will bring you in France to the “Route de Grand Alps” to start Col de Vars, an epic climb of the Tour de France, very hard in the last 5 km.
After the top, it starts a long descent to Guillestre and then a flat part to the beginning of the climb of Col d’Izoard, another great alpine climb. During the climbing you will pass many cyclists fighting this hard but very beautiful climb.
2 km before the top of this climb you will reach “La Casse Deserte” with its typical lunar landscape, just before the last short part of the climb.
Then a descent to Briancon where begins another famous climb, the Col of Montgenevre, then a fast descent to Cesana Torinese where starts the last climb of the race, the "Col of Sestriere", a famous climb, often arrive of stages of the Tour de France and Tour of Italy. You may remember Chiappucci in 1992, Rijs in 1996, Armstrong in 1999 and Garzelli in 2000.
A hard race of rare beauty on the roads of the legend with fantastic alpine panoramas filmed in a bright day with smooth blue sky.
The race is 178 km with an average slope of 4.700m.
Valle Stura (950m) – Colle della Maddalena (1996m) – Les Gleizolles (1310m) – Col de Vars (2109m) – Guillestre (1010m) – Arvieux (1544m) – Col d’Izoard (2361m) – Briancon (1220m) – Col de Montgenevre (1854m) – Cesana Torinese (1354m) – Colle del Sestriere (2035m) – Fenestrelle (1200m)

Colle della Maddalena (alt.1996m) km. 27 pendenza media 3,9%
Col de Vars (alt.2109m) km. 14 pendenza media 5,7%
Col d’Izoard (alt.2361m) km. 15,9 pendenza media 6,9%
Col de Montgenevre (alt.1854m) km. 14 pendenza media 4,8%
Colle del Sestriere (alt.2035m) km. 11,5 pendenza media 5,9%

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