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This new Real Life Video starts southward along the Spluga Road
for about 35km, going through small villages like Somaggia, Novate Mezzola, Verceia, Dorio and Colico; this part is easy and quite completely flat, with the exception of the short climb of Olgiasca; the remaining part of the race is very easy, flat and speed.
Ather Dervio village starts the long climb of Valvarrone, crossing Introzzo, Tremenico and Pagnona villages.
The first part of this climb is very panoramic and not very difficult, the second part proposes continues changes of slope and landscape.
After the top of this climb, a fast descent will bring you to Taceno village and the Valsassina plain.
You will find light and easy climbs, (with 2-3% of average slope) until the last climb of the race, Colle Balisio with an average slope of 6%.
From here starts a long descent until the end of the race, passing through small villages like Ballabio e Laorca to finish in the town of Lecco.
A complete race of middle difficulty, with its 92 km and with 1.500m of average slope.
The race:
Valchiavenna(270m) – Somaggia(240m) – Colico(218m) – Olgiasca(270m) – Dervio(210m) – Valvarrone (950m) – Taceno (510m) – Introbio (600m) – Colle Balisio (730m) – Ballabio (640m) – Lecco (210m)

Olgiasca (alt.280m) km. 2,6 average slope 2,7%
Valvarrone (alt.950m) km. 22,5 average slope 3,3%
Colle Balisio (alt.732m) km. 1,5 average slope 6%

Slide lec1
Slide lec1