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This new RLV covers some of the roads of the "Trentino Tour"; 180 km with amazing and spectacular landscapes.
It starts along the eastern side of Garda Lake and the first 50 km, from Lazise to Riva del Garda, are quite completely flat, crossing small turistic villages like Bardolino, Malcesine, Assenza and Torbole. The landscape is great, the road is very easy and fast.
After Riva del Garda the road becomes more difficult and you will start to climb the Dolomiti of Brenta mountains, through wonderful places in absence of traffic.
Riding climbs regular of medium difficult, you'll reach Ballino Pass and then Durone Pass.
After the descent the video presents a waved part with short climbs until Fai della Paganella, going through small villages like Stenico, San Lorenzo in Banale, Molveno, with his marvellous lake, and Andalo.
The final part starts with the fast descent to Adige Valley where a flat road will brings you to the city of Trento from where starts the last part of the video, the ascent of Monte Bondone (1.655m altitude), one of the most famous cyclist climb, often part of the Italy Tour.
The race is 178 km with 3.700 m of alitude gain.

The race:
Lazise (70m) – Assenza (70m) – Riva del Garda (70m) –Passo del Ballino (764m) – Fiavè (670m) – Passo Durone (1000m) – Preore (529m) – Stenico (670m) - Molveno (864m) – Andalo (1100m) - Trento (190m) – Monte Bondone (1650m)

Passo del Ballino (alt.764m) km. 14,6 average slope 4,5%
Passo Durone (alt.1000m) km. 4,8 average slope 6,7%
Monte Bondone (alt.1655m) km. 19,5 average slope 7,4%

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