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“Granfondo Campagnolo” (since 2009 new “Granfondo Sportful”) has recently been restyled, though it is still one of the races building up the “Prestigio”, by Cicloturismo magazine.
This video includes the last 104 km of the new road; it starts from Caprile and ends in Feltre.
It brings you up and down some marvellous climbs: Passo Valles, Passo Rolle, Passo Croce d'Aune. First the road goes slightly downhill, allowing you to warm your legs up.
Then you have to fight the long climb to Passo Valles, and the short one to Passo Rolle after an easy downhill. You'll be in front of the amazing “Pale di San Martino”, one of the most representative spots of Dolomiti mountains.
Here you start a long long downhill through the Cismon valley: gravity won't be enough here, you'll have to make some effort. Finally the last steep climb to Passo Croce d'Aune and the downhill to Feltre, where the race ends.
The video includes about 104 km and 2.200 m difference in height.
The race:
Caprile (1.015m) - Alleghe (970m) - Cencenighe Agordino (773m) - Valles Pass (2.033m) - Bivio Rolle (1.560m) - Rolle Pass (1.971m) - San Martino di Castrozza (1.450m) - Mezzano (640m) - Ponte Oltra (410m) - Croce d’Aune (1.015m) - Pedavena (350m) - Feltre (271m)

Passo Valles (alt. 2.033m) km. 20,0 pendenza media 6,3%
Passo Rolle (alt. 1.971m) km. 6,0 pendenza media 6,7%
Croce d’Aune (alt. 1.015m) km. 11,5 pendenza media 5,2%

Slide camp1
Slide camp1