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This video follows the roads of the “Granfondo Felice Gimondi” (www.felicegimondi.com), medium version.
The race is one of the races building up the “Prestigio”, by Cicloturismo magazine.
You'll have to ride through easy climbs, downhills and long flat roads into the valleys surrounding Bergamo.
The most important climb in this race is “Selvino”; riders from the “Giro d'Italia” had to climb it once, fighting against the chronometer.
You'll start and end in Bergamo and you'll be able to visit four valleys: Cavallina, Seriana, Taleggio e Brembana.
Good weather and blue sky will comfort you.
The video includes about 128 km and 2.100 m difference in height.
The race:
Bergamo (270m) - Colle dei Pasta (406m) - Casazza (340m) - Colle Gallo (763m) - Nembro (310m) - Selvino (960m) - San Pellegrino (340m) - Costa d’Olda (800m) - Forcella di Bura (886m) - Brembilla(410m) - Sedrina (328m) - Bergamo (270m).

Colle dei Pasta (alt. 406m) km. 3,8 avg. slope 3,7%
Colle del Gallo (alt. 763m) km. 7,0 avg. slope 6,4%
Selvino (alt. 963m) km. 11,0 avg. slope 5,9%
Costa d’Olda (alt. 800m) km. 10,4 avg. slope 4,2%
Forcella di Bura (alt. 884m) km. 6,7 avg. slope 3,0%

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