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“Granfondo Fausto Coppi” (www.faustocoppi.net) is one of the hardest bike contests all over Italy and it's dedicated to one of the greatest cycling champions of all times.
It takes place into the valleys surrounding Cuneo.
The main climb here is Colle di Fauniera, it's the most amazing in the Alps.
The video was made in a shining sunny day and shows amazing ladscapes, especially in the last 15 kms.
The road up to the pass is narrow but provides a really smooth surface. You'll see the San Magno Sanctuary on your right, at about 1.740 m height, and then you'll find a monument devoted to an unforgettable champion, Marco Pantani, on the top.
Then you'll try a thrilling downhill to Demonte through the “Vallone dell'Arma”, a beautiful valley.
Here is a new, short but very steep climb to Madonna del Colletto; then you'll go down to Valdieri and finally reach Cuneo through a flat road.
In Cuneo, you'll get to the famous and nice Galimberti square, where the race usually starts and ends.
The video includes about 96 km and 2.800 m difference in height.
The race:
Dronero (620m) - Montemale (950m) - Valgrana (640m) - Padleves (822m) - Colle Fauniera (2.481m) - Demonte (780m) - Festiona (770m) - Madonna del Colletto (1.310m) - Valdieri (770m) - Borgo San Dalmazzo (650m) - Cuneo Piazza Galimberti (533m).

Montemale (alt. 951m) km. 4,5 avg. slope 7,1% Colle Fauniera (alt. 2.481m) km. 22,0 avg. slope 7,5% Madonna del Colletto (alt. 1.310m) km. 7,0 avg. slope 8,2%

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