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The 48 sharp turns of Passo Stelvio are one of the greatest goals to any cyclist and to those loving steep climbs above all.
Passo Stelvio is the highest road in Italy; it's 2.758 m heigh and you feel like flying through the clouds up here.
This video starts from the main road to Passo Stelvio, into Val Venosta: the road is absolutely flat in the first 12 km, then your effort begins: you'll have to climb 25 km and look at the wonderful landscape around you, the Ortles above all, until you get to the last amazing turns close to the top.
After that, you go downhill and still have to climb up to Le Motte; finally, you'll ride quickly down the steep road to Bormio.
The video includes about 67 km and 2.000 m difference in height.
The race:
SS.38 dello Stelvio (850m) - Prato allo Stelvio (915m) - Stelvio Pass (2.758m) - Valdidentro (1.300m) - Le Motte (1.420m) - Bormio (1.220m).

Stelvio Pass (alt. 2.758m) km. 25,0 avg. slope 7,3% Le Motte (alt. 1.420m) km. 2,0 avg. slope 6,2%

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Slide stel1