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Oetztaler Radmarathon (www.oetztaler-radmarathon.com) is one of the hardest bike contests all over Europe. Bikers have to ride 230 kms up and down Austrian and Italian mountains.
This is one of the races building up the “Prestigio”, by Cicloturismo magazine; it attracts nearly 4.000 people avery year, coming from the whole of Europe and even abroad.
This Real Life Video allows you to discover the second half of the race: it starts from Brennero downhill, the area between Austria and Italy, and it will guide you up to two wonderful climbs, first Passo Giovo (Jaufenpass) and then Passo Rombo (Timmelsjoch).
You'll enjoy a shining sunny day and you'll be surrounded by amazing mountains and glaciers.
The video includes about 93 km and 3.000 m difference in height.
The race:
SS.12 del Brennero (1.000m) - Vipiteno (940m) - Passo Giovo (2.099m) - S.Leonardo in Passiria (690m) - Passo Rombo (2.504m) - Soelden (1.377m)

Giovo Pass (alt. 2.099m) km. 15,0 avg. slope 7,5%
Rombo Pass (alt. 2.504m) km. 29,0 avg. slope 6,2%
Mautstelle (alt. 2.171m) km. 2,0 avg. slope 6,8%

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Slide oetz1