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This RLV have another nice tour on the roads of Liguria on the area of Albenga just behind the sea.
The race have parts of the roads of Amatorial Cycling Race “Trofeo Laigueglia” that open the race season in Febrary.
The video start in Ceriale and it’s a mix of easy climbs and short descents followed by a long easy flat part where you can rest or test yourself on a time trial.
To finish the long easy climb of Colle Scravaion and the long descent with some beatiful wiew on the far away sea.
A RLV for everybody, cyclist with high power and for those who desire cycling on the long climbs.
The race is 87 km with 2050m of altitude gain.

The Race:
Ceriale - Cisano - Arnasco - Vendone - Onzo - Ortovero - Cisano - Zuccarello - Castelvecchio R.B. - Colle Scravaion (820m) - Bardineto - Giogo di Toirano - Carpe - Toirano - Borghetto S.Spirito

Arnasco (alt. 250m) km. 3,0 average slope 6,0'%
Vendone (alt. 395m) km. 1,7 average slope 7,0%
Colle Scravaion (alt. 820m) km.14,0 average slope 5,0%
Giogo Toirano (alt. 807m) km.4,0 average slope 2,5%

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Slide lig21