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This Real Life Video was realized on the roads of a beatiful loop between Liguria and Piemonte (North/West Italy).
This race have roads completely free of traffic cars and it’s a mix of climbs and descents.
The start is on the village of Borghetto Santo Spirito just we leave the main road S.S. Aurelia famous for the Pro Race Milan-Sanremo (if you have already the Tacx Milan-Sanremo RLV you can use the first 14 km to warm-up and last 70 km after the end of this new RLV to have 170 km of continue roads). Here start the loop with the climbs of Giogo di Toirano, Colle Quazzo, Colle San Bernardo e Croce Tornassa.
Easy climbs and beatiful descents for the perfect mountain training.
The race is 87 km with 2.050m of altitude gain.

The Race:
Borghetto S.Spirito - Toirano - Giogo di Toirano (807m) - Calizzano - Colle Quazzo (1090m) - Garessio - Colle S.Bernardo (961m) - Erli - Croce Tornassa (681m) - Toirano - Borghetto S.Spirito

Giogo di Toirano (alt. 807m) km. 14 average slope 5,0%
Colle Quazzo (alt. 1090m) km. 7,6 average slope 6,0%
Colle San Bernardo (alt. 961m) km. 6,0 average slope 6,0%
Croce Tornassa (alt. 681m) km. 8,6 average slope 4,9%

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Slide ligut1