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This RLV it’s a classic tour in the heart of Engandina and included the climbs of Albula and Julier Pass.
The race start closed the top of Bernina Pass and after several km of easy descent the famous climb of AlbulaPass start. After the top of one of most beatiful climbs of the whole Alps there’s a long descent until Tiefencastel where the very long (with easy flat parts) climb of JulierPass start.
During this climb you will go through numerous tipical Suisse villages and a beatiful lake. After the top there’s a short descent to Silvaplana where start last flat sector along the shores of the nice Sils Lake until MalojaPass where the race finish.
Fantastic view on alps and a beatiful sun and blue sky for a high quality Real Life Video.
The race is 99 km with 2.150m of altitude gain.
The Race:
Bernina (2.300m) - La Punt (1.690m) - AlbulaPass (2.315m) - Bergun (1.370m) - TiefenCastel (840m) - JulierPass (2.284m)m - Silvaplana (1.815m) - MalojaPass (1.815m)
The Climbs:
Albula Pass (alt. 2.315m) km. 9,6 avg. slope 6,6%
Julier Pass (alt. 2.284m) km. 36,0 avg. slope 3,8%
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Slide enga1