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“Maratona delle Dolomiti” (www.maratona.it) is the main Italian non-professional bike race.
It brings you through a wonderful natural landscape and allows you to climb some of the most popular and amazing passes in the Dolomiti mountains; moreover, it is one of the races building up the “Prestigio”, by Cicloturismo magazine.
This Real Life video shows you the whole road of the race: it starts in La Villa and ends in Corvara, next to the Ice Palace, as well as the race does.
You'll have to fight against 138 kms and 4.000 m difference in height.
The race:
La Villa (1.450m) - Corvara (1.521m) - Campolongo Pass (1.875m) - Arabba (1.595m) - Pordoi Pass (2.239m) - Sella Pass (2.214m) - Gardena Pass (2.121m) - Corvara (1.530m) - Campolongo Pass (1.875m) - Andraz - Colle S.Lucia (1.500m) - Selva di Cadore (1.333m) - Giau Pass (2.236m) - Pocol (1.560m) - Falzarego Pass (2.107m) - Valparola Pass (2.192m) - La Villa (1.450m) - Corvara (1.521m)
The climbs:
Campolongo Pass (alt. 1.875m) km. 5,9 avg. slope 6,0%
Pordoi Pass (alt. 2.239m) km. 9,3 avg. slope 6,9%
Sella Pass (alt. 2.244m) km. 5,5 avg. slope 7,6%
Gardena Pass(alt. 2.121m) km. 5,5 avg. slope 4,2%
Colle S.Lucia (alt. 1.500m) km. 3,0 avg. slope 6,0%
Giau Pass (alt. 2.236m) km. 9,6 avg. slope 9,2%
Falzarego Pass (alt. 2.117m) km. 10,5 avg. slope 5,5%
Valparola Pass (alt. 2.192m) km. 1,2 avg. slope 9,0%
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